Living stone pillows are an incredibly versatile piece of equipment that besides imparting a fascinating look to your indoors, also function as gorgeous kids’ play toys, throw pillows and even allow you to enjoy a soothing nap over them. The availability of exceptional shapes and a wide variety of pleasant colors along with the ultimate resourcefulness of pillows has made them one of the hot demands of the day. Living stone pillows ornament your chosen part of the interior in such a lavish and luxurious way that definitely quench your thirst of an outstanding and exclusive décor. There are so many new versions of stone pillows introduced in the market that urge the visitors to become buyers and the turtle shaped pillow is one of them.
Turtle Pillow:

This turtle-shaped pillow depicts complete unconventionality in the running trends prevalent among living stone pillows. While enhancing the view of your home, this package of six pillows that unify peculiarly and emerge as a matchless synthetic turtle also serves as throw pillows and creatively amuses your kids as well.
Can be shipped to you with or without filling as per requirement and budget.
I strive to precisely imitate a turtle, the set comprises of round and irregularly shaped cushions.
Available in an appealing collection of shades and patterns. Beige, pistachio, black, purple and green color is in stock.
Accessible sizes include:

  • SS(hint leg)

  • SL(head)

  • MS(front leg)

  • ML(body)

  • Finest fiberfill is utilized for filling.

In order to facilitate you well, covers of these rock pillows are made up of anti-pilling polar fleece.
You are allowed to extract the filling through a zipper that is present unnoticeably.
This captivating category of living stone pillows definitely beautifies your domestic and office domain enchantingly. An absolutely unique product to be gifted to your loved ones which also serves as resting props and children’s toys.

Specialty Of This Turtle Shaped Pillow Among All The Living Stone Pillows:

  • Market is flooded with an irresistible collection of rock pillows. Some of them are the perfect demonstration of stones while others superbly illustrate beach pebbles and this one characteristic gives you success in providing your living, dining or an office area, a highly natural look just like scenery. Meanwhile, these living stone pillows also furnish their users with extreme comfort and relaxation and aid them in pillow fights as well.
  • But what matters if you explore a more artistic item in the world of rock pillows whose creative manufacturing does not minimize luxury, ease and enthusiastic service of the product. Why not choose such an item which gives a more bewitching look to your indoor without ignoring any of its expected usefulness.
  • So, this is why this turtle-shaped pillow has diverted the buyers’ attention towards itself. It comprises an alluring medley of six pillows that can be put together to give a turtle look. The harmony and rhythm of the patterns and hues make it an unquestionably engaging article among other living stone pillows.
  • This turtle-shaped pillow is the definitive blend of quantity and quality and as the set comprises of different shapes, so buyers prioritize turtle pillow over other rock pillows in order to enjoy a perfect combo.
  • Meanwhile, no compromise has been observed on the performance of this rock pillow. Can be functionally used as kids’ toys and for pillow fights as well. Addition of pistachio, purple and green color give this turtle pillow an unambiguously realistic look and you can enjoy natural beauty more practically while remaining within the boundaries of your home.

Living stone pillows are gaining more fame day by day in regard to their appearance and service. The invention of this turtle-shaped pillow is undoubtedly an admirable innovation which has broadened the view of buyers as well. It comes equipped with so many advantageous and favorable features that cannot be dreamt of an ordinary pillow. So why not choose the best.

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