How To Distinguish Talalay Latex Pillow

Latex pillow is made of pure natural sap of rubber tree, there is no chemical reaction in the process of participation, all are physical operations, is the most representative of the contemporary green products; in addition to the nature of latex pillow And human sleep needs basically match, is a very rare bedding good!

Why you need to choose talalay latex foam?


Did you know that the best bedroom temperature to fall asleep lies around 15 and 20 °C? Talalay latex mattresses are comfortably breathable, helping you to stay cool during the summer and snug during the winter. A breathable mattress helps a pleasant, healthy and hygienic sleep as you stay cool during the summer and snug during the winter.


Talalay latex pillows are just right. They’re soft enough to relieve not only pressure and pain in bones, joints and muscles, but also provides optimum comfort through custom sizes, materials and densities. Our pillows adapts to your body from head to toe thanks to its elastic properties, providing optimal support for your body. To learn more about our unique production process,


Talalay latex pillow is made to last. We provide you with the perfect sidekick to take on the day. Talalay latex pillows keep their shape for years. With proper care, they could even last you a lifetime. Gone are the memories of hollow mattresses that cave in, gone are the horrible mornings, and gone is regret.


You’d be surprised to know how often you might turn around while sleeping. A good pillow and bed should not only provide the adequate support but should also allow for easy movement. If not, it might impact the depth and quality of your sleep; you would keep waking up because you’ve been unnecessarily taken out of deep sleep. The resilience and bounciness of Talalay latex pillows help ensure good and free movement of your head, so you can sleep deeply and wake up refreshed


Thanks to its open cell structure, Talalay’s breathable latex pillows have the added hygienically advantage of being hypo allergic and resistant to bacteria. Dust mites feed off organic detritus like skin flakes and excrete materials that could contribute to hay fever and asthma problems. The latex is inhospitable for these little bugs, and the dust-mite resistant cover makes it even harder for them to occupy your sanctuary of sleep.



We believe in our material. We aim to provide you not just one, but the one.  Talalay Latex pillows is simplicity and quality, with a proud history and the finest people to bring you only what you deserve: A peaceful and healthy night’s sleep.

The following will help you identify an Original Talalay Latex pillow


Because the quality of latex pillow is 100% rubber juice, and in the production process without the addition of chemical ingredients, so it will not be issued other flavor, will only issue a natural milk flavor, this flavor is the rubber juice itself with Of the very particular, poor quality or other material of the pillow will not issue this taste.

But poor quality latex will pill due to the cost of adding some harmful substances, these substances will not only issue frankincense, but will send some unpleasant taste. Even if there is the taste of additives we smell not smell, but also the same as the body.


High-quality latex pillow because of the relationship between the processes there will be thousands of honeycomb stomata, this imitation is very difficult, and so those poor latex pillow are generally not these honeycomb stomata. And once the loss of these pores, latex pillow function greatly reduced. Surface texture sense of nature, not greasy, not reflective, not easy to crack, opened the surface can clearly see the inside of the million pores, there are natural flaws, tears and so on. It is impossible to do the same as the finished product as flawless. Because these pores are the key to promoting air circulation and maintaining the temperature balance, which is why the summer pillow pill pillow sleep will be particularly cool reasons.


High-quality latex pillow is very comfortable, tender and delicate, like the baby’s skin. And poor quality latex pillow strokes are not comfortable feeling, or too astringent or too thick, in short, feel bad. You can also pick up the pillow to see if you cannot breathe, if neither comfortable nor breathable, it is recommended that you look at it!


High-quality latex pillow soft and no flexibility, and flexibility is very good, whether it is pressed or twisted can immediately restore its original shape. And those poor latex pillow elasticity will not be so good, press or twist will take some time to recover.


Good latex pillow content of more than 90%, is the best, more than 80% are also good, but not 100% of the latex content of the pillow, said their 100% content, nonsense, it is liquid!                                                     

Method to find if your talalay latex pillow is Original not Fake.

Put your pillow out, soak in the water soak a night to see the water will not turn white, if the white is added talcum powder, this pillow will be more smooth, the surface of the base without any natural texture, feeling a Layer of rubber. Hand quickly in the surface of the plan, will play from the skin, even worse quality will be broken.


Note: fake latex pillow is made from and contains  a large number of oil as raw materials, not only do not use high-quality latex pillow of the various benefits, but will affect our sleep health, I hope we can seriously remember the above to identify the true and false skills , Which can be purchased to a desirable breast pillow!


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