Pillows That Suit A Cervical Vertebra

If you wake up every morning feeling refreshed and ready to go, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. It is easy to take great sleep for granted, but the reality is that many people struggle to get the rest they need each night. Should you find yourself having trouble getting the rest you need to be at your best, it is smart to look for products that can help you sleep comfortably?

If you decide to search for a cervical pillow to alleviate your neck pain simply by heading to the marketplace and searching ‘neck pain pillow’, you are going to receive an overwhelming number of results. It is incredible to see just how many different neck support pillows are on the market today. Going into this shopping process without a general idea of what you are looking for would be a big mistake – you would waste time, and you likely would not come away with something that suits your needs nicely.

The first thing to understand is the different materials that are used for stuffing within pillows meant to help neck, shoulder, and back pain. By far, the most popular option is memory foam. As you know, memory foam is already a commonly used material in mattresses, and it is now one of the leaders in the pillow world as well. There are therapeutic neck traction pillows made from solid chunks of memory foam, and also some made from shredded memory foam. Even if you don’t wind up purchasing a memory foam pillow, it would be wise to at least consider this category as you shop.

In addition to the material that a pillow uses as fill, another variable you will want to watch is the shape of the pillow itself. Curved pillows are commonly seen in this market as they can contour with the shape of your body.

Due to the shape of your head and neck area, it can be difficult to lie comfortably on a flat surface without developing a pain in your neck (or shoulders). By using a contour shaped pillow, such as a cervical pillow, can potentially solve this problem. However, cervical pillows do a nice job of filling the space between your neck and the mattress, providing the support you need throughout the night.

Shredded Memory Foam from Xtreme Comforts

This pillow has just about everything you could want in a pillow that is good for cervical vertebra. To start, it is filled with shredded memory foam, which is one of the best materials for getting your head and neck into a comfortable position. Rather than a solid piece of memory foam, the shredded pieces can be shifted around in order to form a perfect landing place for your head at night. The comfort of this neck support pillow is one of the top points praised by previous buyers. There are plenty of glowing reviews which have been left by users, and only a few negative comments are to be found. One possible concern is that the pillow may be a little firm, but this is not an opinion shared by a large number of users. Overall, the Shredded Memory Foam Pillow from Xtreme Comforts is a popular option, and one of our top picks.

Mediflow Waterbase

This next option on our list is one of the leaders in the neck pain pillow market. As you can see from the name of the item, this pillow uses water to provide support to your head as you sleep. In addition to the water, the pillow also includes a hypoallergenic fiber filling to complete the experience. Overall, there are plenty of compliments to be found for this neck pillow. Among the compliments that have been paid by past users include the pillow’s ability to improve neck pain (including a stiff neck), along with the generally comfortable experience had when sleeping on the Mediflow Waterbase.

A common complaint, which is see across the board when it comes to water pillows, is the weight of the product. Once you fill any good pillow with water, it is going to be quite heavy to move around. This is not necessarily a bad thing – the pillow will stay nicely in place – but it is something to be aware of as you shop. If you are interested in a water-based ergonomic pillow, and you have neck pain to deal with, this choice from Mediflow is one of the leaders.

Shredded Memory Foam by Coop Home Goods 

A model which uses shredded memory foam to create a comfortable platform for your head, this pillow from Coop Home Goods is available in Standard, Queen, and King Sizes. The pillow is made in the USA, it has a cover which is 40% bamboo, and the foam is Certi PUR-US Certified. Machine washable and sold with a five-year warranty, this is certainly good for the cervical vertebra.

Sure, there are a few detractors here and there, by they are dramatically outnumbered by those who are happy with the product. It is said to be soft and still supportive, good for neck pain, and more. It will likely have the same odor that is commonly associated with memory foam when first opened, but a short period of off gassing should solve this issue. If you like to buy your products on the recommendations of other buyers, this is a pillow that should be one of your leading candidates.

My Pillow Premium Series

This is an actively marketed product, and that strategy has led to quite a bit of success. One of the most expensive neck pillows on our list, the MyPillow is made with ‘interlocking fill’ which is meant to adjust to your needs in any sleeping position. There are four unique loft levels available, so you can pick out a pillow which should be an appropriate size for your body.

Unfortunately, the reviews left by previous buyers don’t quite match up with the popularity of this pillow. Of course, that is not to say that there are no satisfied users. Plenty of people feel that it is the best pillow they have ever used – and plenty of others have the opposite opinion. While ergonomic pillows are always going to be a personal preference type of product, there are enough negative reviews to dictate that you should at least consider some other options before you order.

Memory Foam

At this point on the list, we find a contoured memory foam pillow from Smarter Rest. This pillow typically offers a modest price point, and a zippered cover. Contoured pillows tend to be an excellent pick for those who struggle with neck pain, as the shape of the pillow can fill in space under your neck when you lay down to sleep. Memory foam tends to be one of the most supportive materials for use in a pillow, meaning you should feel the support of this product all throughout the night.

The reviews which have been left by previous buyers are mixed with regard to this product. Some of the compliments to be found include the ability to sleep in a variety of positions and the lightweight design. On the downside, many users feel that the pillow is too small for the typical adult. If you are looking specifically for a small neck pillow, this model may be one to consider. However, if you need a larger pillow to handle your overnight needs, one of the other choices on our list may be preferable.

Tri-Core Cervical

It is the shape of this pillow that earns it a spot on our list of pillows that make it perfect for cervical vertebra. This pillow comes in a total of three sizes, meaning you should be able to pick one that addresses your personal needs nicely. There are also a couple of colors available, and the cervical pillow is able to accommodate a number of sleeping positions.

Contour Memory Foam

This next neck pillow is one of the least expensive pillow which is perfect for the cervical vertebras. However, despite that modest price, there are still plenty of positive attributes to note with regard to this contour pillow from Sleep Innovations. It is 100% cotton, and uses memory foam to contour your head. The contoured design will work to keep your head in an appropriate position as you sleep.

Arc4Life Cervical Linear Traction

For a pillow that is going to use its shape specifically to keep your head in a comfortable spot, you may want to check out the Arc4Life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow. While this is among the most-expensive products on our list, it does have many design elements that warrant the price tag. There is a ‘V’ at the bottom of the pillow which cradles your neck, and there are thick side wings meant to work nicely for those who sleep on their side.

Considering the lofty price tag associated with this neck traction pillow, you would like to see an extensive list of good reviews. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case with this traction style pillow. Yes, plenty of the past buyers are happy with what they received, but many are not. It is the lack of overall support that seems to be an issue for some users, along with longevity concerns. You should still consider this traction pillow due to its contouring shape, but check out others as well before you order.

Classic Brands Conforma

The Classic Brands pillow seen at this point on our list gets around that problem with the use of ventilated memory foam. Small holes in the foam allow for airflow without compromising the ability of the product to support your head. Also, this pillow includes a cover which is removable and washable, and the foam is hypoallergenic.

You will be happy to see that many of the past buyers are satisfied with the way the product performs for them each night. Plenty of users feel that this is one of the best neck pillows they have had, although it may take a short period of time to get used to it (depending on what kind of pillow you have been using previously).


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