Medium Grey Fixed Star Big Soft Pebble Print Pillows Floor Cushions Review

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$126 USD


Shape: round, oval
Color & Pattern: grey shade with white vein
Sizes included: 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#, 6#
Filling: premium fiberfill
Pillow cover material: anti-pilling polar fleece
Closure: hidden zipper
Use: home/shop decorations, toys, resting props, creative gifts

1# pillow size: 32cm*30cm*13cm(12.60in*11.81in*5.12in) weight: 420g
2# pillow size: 40cm*30cm*15cm(15.75in*11.81in*5.91in) weight: 570g
3# pillow size: 45cm*35cm*14cm(17.72in*13.78in*5.51in) weight: 658g
4# pillow size: 50cm*32cm*18cm(19.69in*12.60in*7.09in) weight: 900g
5# pillow size: 50cm*39cm*18cm(19.69in*15.35in*7.09in) weight: 1000g
6# pillow size: 65cm*40cm*20cm(25.59in*15.75in*7.87in) weight: 1400g

(Error may exist due to different measurement methods.)

Our living stone pillows are skillfully made in China. The pillow covers are made from soft and skin-friendly anti-pilling polar fleece and filling from premium fiberfill that prevent pillows from going out of shape even after long time use. All rock pillows are meticulously printed with a variety of patterns, which enables them to look like real rocks in nature (These pillows will not fade). Each pillow cover comes with a hidden zipper along the side - to make it convenient to remove and wash. In order to offer a wide variety of choices, our pillows are being sold individually or in sets with pillows of different sizes and patterns, such as a set of 3, 4 and 6 pillows with size 1# (the smallest one) and 6# (the biggest one), and with filling or without filling.

Purchase Tips
Due to very high shipping cost, by purchasing rock pillow covers and filling them yourself, you’re saving about 50% off retail price. Furthermore, it’s fun to fill pillows together with your family members. You can also choose different filling materials you prefer. Don’t worry! Premium Fiberfill can be purchased at Walmart with a 5 pouch box for only $11. A box of that size will fill up plenty of stone pillows. Have it shipped right to your home or pick it up at your local store.

Use and Function
Our pebble pillows can be used on various occasions. For example, they can be used as resting props like ordinary pillows and as cushions and seats. Put them on the floor, you can sit on them to watch TV or read a book. They can be used to decorate your sofa, floor and room because of their surrealistic appeal. If you happen to be the owner of a cottage, decorate it with these stone pillows to make it distinctive. Whether you are an owner of a shop, a restaurant or a hotel, these rock pillow set will surely add unique chic design to the place. Our rock pillows make great toys and decorations for kids’ rooms. Since the design of our living stone pillows gets inspiration from nature, the atmosphere they creates will help nurture and cultivate your kid. If you are a goog friend, our rock pillow will be creative gifts for your friends.

Shipping Locations & Shipping Fee
We happily ship to customers all around the world and shipping is always free.

Shipping Time
Often, 2-3 days are required for your order to be verified, packed and dispatched. Please expect about 5-7 workdays for your package to arrive to you.

How to Remove “Wrinkles”
If you order pre-filled pillows, we will ship them in smaller packaging while taking the large sizes and the room they may occupy into consideration. So it is quite normal that there may be “wrinkle” around a pillow/at edges of pillows. Remove “wrinkle” by unzipping the hidden zips and pushing fiberfill around evenly. It will disappear soon.

Cleaning & Maintenance
Note: These pillow covers are machine washable.
Steps: First, unzip them and then take out the filling and put it into a prepared container (a box or a large plastic bag). Then just throw the covers into the washing machine or wash them by hands. Meanwhile, have the fiberfill enjoy a wonderful sunbath if you have that option.


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